German Association of Computing in Civil Engineering (GACCE)


Computing in Civil Engineering

The German Association of Computing in Civil Engineering (Arbeitskreis Bauinformatik) is a working group of professional scientists and engineers who teach and conduct research at universities in German-speaking countries in the field of computer science as applied to civil engineering tasks. The aim of the working group is to define a common ideal design and representation of computing in civil engineering in consultation with all relevant fields of civil engineering, taking into account current developments and experiences from the building industry.

Using computers to simulate buildings and construction processes affects the everyday life of civil engineers and contributes significantly to the quality and innovation of construction results. Computing in civil engineering covers the methods, models, processes, and systems taken from all fields of civil engineering that are employed in such simulations and form the basis for the design of databases, algorithms, interfaces, and communication networks.

The main activities of the working group include tasks to define the goals, content, and processes of computing in civil engineering, defining how computing in civil engineering can be taught at all participating universities, coordinating the research of special areas at universities, planning joint research projects, promoting young scientists and representing interests with respect to government, academic institutions, and the construction industry.